One to One Consultation

One to one sessions are for those seeking a personalised training plan for their puppy/teen/dog.

Puppy Life

Puppy Life classes are held on Saturdays in Pennard Community Hall. Suitable for puppies up to 6 months of age they will have the opportunity to socialise with other pups, people and novel objects whilst learning good manners, self control, calmness, confidence and how to focus on you around distractions.

With 6 weeks of classes, alongside access to a toolbox of over 70 video demonstrations and notes, you’ll be fully supported in setting your pup up to navigate their life with confidence and a range of vital life skills.


Helping Hound

Give your dog a job to earn their keep by joining the Helping Hound course starting in Pennard Community Hall.

It is a class focused on developing productive life skills such as tidying their toys away, fetching your keys, remote control or cold drink from the fridge, carrying a shopping bag, along other tricks which results in a mentally stimulated and happy dog!

Reliable Recall

Does your dog ignore your recall? Do you struggle to get their attention when around distractions or in a busy environment? Would you like to walk your dog with confidence, knowing that they will respond to your call, no matter where you are? Then the Reliable Recall workshop is the class you need. With two in person classes and comprehensive notes and video demos, you learn how to keep your recall cue valuable and something that your dog LOVES responding to.