Lifeline Dogs offers private 1-1 sessions with you and your family to discuss what you are currently experiencing with your dog. This session is online so that issues can be discussed and your dog can begin to learn new skills in a place they are comfortable in, and has minimal distractions. We can then move onto practical sessions in environments that you are experiencing difficulties in and where we can apply the new skills. This type of training can help with fear, anxiety, aggression and other behavioural problems, suitable for any dog, including rescues.
Handling a dog that is reactive can be frustrating, disheartening, and sometimes life changing. With my support you will further develop your skills to help your dog move forward in a positive direction, and leave the unwanted behaviours behind. Dog training is as much about us adopting an approach that will help the individual dog, as it is about the dog learning better behaviours.
Developing your handling skills and understanding of how to address the problems you are experiencing, you will have the opportunity to provide your dog confidence builders in the environment/situation that is currently causing problems.

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