Our Story

“Dogs do speak, but only to those that will listen”

Gower has been home for most of Bobbi’s life, with 6 of those years spent exploring the beaches and woodlands with an eclectic mix of dogs. She worked in kennels and after rescuing a 6 month old cross-breed went on to become a self-employed dog walker, so that she could spend as much time with Halli as possible. Being a dog walker provided the opportunity to develop handling skills and the time to observe communication between the dogs and get to know their individual quirks. Taking 6 dogs on a walk at one time led to receiving the comment ‘you’ve got your hands full’ more times than she could possibly count. Yet these group walks were invaluable in developing understanding in canine communication and behaviour.

Alongside this time observing dogs, each owner provided insight into what many dog owners are struggling with which put Bobbi on a journey in creating services to help with dog owners with their dog training needs, and acquiring the knowledge and experience in methods of dog training that enhance the dog and owners relationship.

With an interest in therapy and assistance dogs, Lifeline Dogs was chosen because of how a dog can be a literal lifeline. Since establishing the business in 2015, Bobbi has continued her professional development to provide an inclusive service that provides an ethical, holistic service that supports you in finding success in your dog training and in overcoming barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.